Fall gardening

Asked July 31, 2018, 5:04 PM EDT

I have broccoli, kale and kohlrabi plants now that are about 3 inches tall in trays. Should I wait a little longer to transplant them in my raised beds or wait a little while? I was given you as a source of information. Also, I would like to know if I plant an early variety of bush beans now would I be able to get a fall crop. I see where territorial seeds has varieties that mature in 50 days. I would think that 50 days would put them harvestable around the 20th of Sept. I know that they are a warm weather crop but my pole beans didn't do very well this year. I only got two harvests off them so far. (rattlesnake beans). Some of them were real short. I trellised them and they climbed but just not healthy and bushy looking. Any ideas on that? Thank you very much! I live in Oakridge, zone 8b.

Lane County Oregon

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It's fine to transplant your fall crop starts, but you will need to make sure they get adequate water as we will likely still have very hot weather. You might want to consider using floating row cover to help with protection from pests and extreme heat.

It's possible your beans didn't do well because it was too hot and sunny. This can also be a problem with tomatoes as well as beans because they may not flower when temperatures exceed 95-100F.

As far as planting bush beans, it's certainly worth a try, but you might want to consider snap or snow peas. They will do well as it cools down, where the beans might be killed off by an early frost. Keep in mind that legumes fix their own nitrogen so you might have over-fertilized if you applied vegetable fertilizer, they need P-K but not much N to grow well.