Jelly Fungus?

Asked July 31, 2018, 1:39 PM EDT

After the heavy rains last week these two brown jelly like objects appeared on my sidewalk in front of my house. They are approximately 5-6" x 8" and 1.5-3 " high. They disappeared with the sun however this is not the only time I've seen them. The have appeared periodically over the last several years. Any idea what it could be?

Baltimore County Maryland

3 Responses

It sure looks and sounds like a jelly fungus. They usually grow on organic material like rotting wood though so it's placement on your sidewalk is curious.
We see white strands that look like roots or grassy it possible someone picked it up from a garden or lawn and placed it there?

With the heavy rains and humidity all kinds of mushrooms and unusual fungi are popping up all over Maryland.


I don’t think it’s likely someone put it there. The sidewalk has it’s share of cracks which I guess could be what it’s feeding on. The same fungi or whatever it is has shown up in the past, same general location. I thought before that it could have fallen from one of the trees nearby but I don’t see anything resembling the jelly substance on them. I don’t see anything online that resembles it either. One of my neighbors said she’s seen something similar in her yard. Not sure what the circumstances were though.

In your first photo, we can see roots or runners from the nearby grassy area. It might be drawing nutrients from that plant material. There are many types of fungi appearing now in landscapes due to the recent wet weather. If you don't see these on any nearby mature trees, it is not something to be too concerned about. You could pick them up with a shovel and put them in the trash.