plants are rotting

Asked July 31, 2018, 11:45 AM EDT

I have a few zucchini plants and over the last two seasons they have produced, however they seem to die. After looking at the root it looks rotten. I was told it is due to a “vine bore” type bug/grub. We lost a few plants last year’s such as; zucchini plants, melons, cucumber and pumpkins. I was told the only way to rid these bugs/ bore grubs is to let the garden sit for an extended period of time (years) or move it. Can you help?

Harford County Maryland

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Sounds like you are referring to the squash vine borer. It is always a good idea to rotate crops to lessen disease/insect pressure, but if you have a small garden this is not always possible. Even if you move to another area, you will eventually have the problem again. This can be a common pest of squash and pumpkin. However, it is rarely a pest of cucumber, gourd or melon. Take a look at our website above for prevention and control.

For cucumber you may be referring to bacterial wilt. See common problems on cucumber and melons