proper disposal of dead cow

Asked July 30, 2018, 9:02 PM EDT

not sure who to ask.....we live on land with grazing rights to another. dead cows are left out where they drop even near homes and streams. what is the proper way dead cows should be disposed in Pueblo county? as you can see from the pix the cow was moved from one point to lie next to a stream that is flooded when it rains as it has all wk. the dead cow is about 200 yds from a home. if this is not the place to ask who do i contact for this info?

Pueblo County Colorado

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I would call your local extension office first (719-583-6566 ask for MJ Fisher or Tom Laca). They might know of a local rendering service. Some rendering services won't accept cattle over 30 months of age. If rendering is not possible, then options include on-ranch burial and composting. Buried animals must be covered with a certain amount of soil. They must also be a minimum distance from a well and where surface water cannot be contaminated. On how much soil and distance, I am not familiar with CO law. Usually 2 ft. of soil and 100 yards away, but not certain. Contact your local or CO public health department for more details.