Tree is dyeing.. Why and what can i do?

Asked July 30, 2018, 1:15 PM EDT

Hello, I planted this tree about 1.5 years ago now and it has been getting plenty of water and care. I have one next to it that had a little bit of the browning but now it is fine and doing well. What could have caused this? Is it possible to save?

Campbell County Kentucky

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Good morning,

When did you first notice the dying back? I really can't tell from the photos, but is there a purple hue to the dieback or more of a bleaching? Spruce have a few susceptible diseases and pests. I will attach a few UK publication for further reading. It's important to get proper identification before any management application. If you live in Campbell County, I am happy to do a site visit to help diagnose.

sorry i failed to include the UK publications in the first email:

I first think of spruce spider mite or needle cast.

Thank you. I do live in Campbell county. Could we do a site visit?

yes, i am happy to arrange a day. monday aug 6 between 1-4 or wednesday the 8th in anytime from 830-2. let me know which day and time works best. thanks!

Great we could do Wednesday. Can you email me at and we can confirm the details?

Sarah since this is a tree that we likley arent going to try and revive since it will look rough for a while (if we even could save) so i may take more site photos and just bring the tree into the office. is that ok? Is there a better date/time?

Hello. Thank you for your question. Please contact the Extension Office to confirm the meeting. I have included the contact information below.

Sarah M Stolz

Extension Agent
phone: (859) 572-2600
fax: (859) 572-2619

Good morning,

feel free to drop off any of the samples. Ideally, i would want to see a few samples of the discolored areas and perhaps a few without showing symptoms. You're welcome to drop off samples M-F from 8-430. Im in and out a lot, but one of our secretaries will gladly get your sample and when I return i will take a look at your samples and give you a call. Thanks!