Japanese Beetle Damage

Asked July 30, 2018, 11:09 AM EDT

I recently had a 3" Green Spire Linden planted in my yard. Before I knew it, Japanese Beetles skeletonized nearly all the leaves. There are a dozen leaves left which are still green. Will the tree re-foliate? Because the tree is new, I am continuing to water it every other day, but it looks pretty sad.

Anoka County Minnesota

2 Responses

The tree probably won't produce new leaves this growing season. However, if it is otherwise healthy, it will recover and grow normally next spring. Unfortunately, if conditions are favorable, the beetles may return next summer. With that in mind, and because the tree is still relatively small, it might be beneficial to protect it with a floating row cover next July.

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Thank you for your advice--it is very informative. As I said the tree has been transplanted less than three weeks ago. I will continue to monitor it. It has just a few leaves left and they appear to be healthy. As the nursery instructed, I am watering it every other day for 20 minutes. I will be very watchful next year if it survives.

Ed Wink