Blueberry plant not producing fruit this year

Asked July 30, 2018, 10:36 AM EDT

I have two highbush blueberry plants that are now four years old that are not producing any fruit this year. Last year they produced quite a bit of fruit and I was expecting an even higher yield this year but I have not even seen blooms. The plants appear healthy in every other way. The leaves are green, I see no discoloration or leaves curling or anything to indicate poor health. I am wondering if there is something I can do or if this is something? These plants are in a planter and the soil is a 50/50 mix of black dirt and sphagnum peat. I fertilized in the early spring with fertilizer for acid loving plants.

Mille Lacs County Minnesota

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The list of reasons why your plants did not fruit is quite long: lack of sunlight, maturity of the plants, winter dieback, soil pH too high (last soil test?), other weather-related events, insufficient pollination, and so on. An additional factor is that you are growing them in planters, which creates added winter stress. You should try to evaluate all these factors. Read here: