tree pruning and mushrooms

Asked July 29, 2018, 3:32 PM EDT

Hi I have 2 questions; I just purchase this house in the Clara Barton Neighborhood. There is a tree that is over grown and has several dead branches; it looks like a Lilac of some type because of the flowers I saw when I first looked at the property in March. I would like to know the best time to trim it and how fatr back I can go without killing it. The second question is there is a stump from and old tree with 2 different mushrooms around it, are they poison or edible and if not edible how to get rid of them, without killing any pets.

Cass County North Dakota

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It's very hard to tell from the picture if it's a lilac for sure. Lilacs should be pruned right after they are done blooming in the spring. If you don't care about blooms, you can prune it now and prune out the dead branches.
Mushrooms: If you leave the mushrooms, it will help the dead stump decay faster.
However, if you want to remove them, pick the mushrooms that are showing and dig up the soil beneath to remove the fungal mat. You would have to dig to a depth of 12" and a spread of 18" around the mushrooms. Fill in the hole with soil free or organic matter or composts.
Water your lawn less frequently. If the ground is drier, the fungi won't grow and remaining mushrooms may thin out. Fertilize with a nitrogen fertilizer at 1 lb per 1000 sq ft. Nitrogen will make the soil less hospitable to fungal growth. You can also aerate the lawn around the tree as good drainage and air circulation will help to prevent growth of fungi.

Thank you for the quick response, the tree has new shoots coming out now, my secondary question is how far back can I prune the live branches without killing it or at least prevent it from expanding so far out. . In the picture you can see how far out the branches are when comparing with the shed (the front of the shed is 4 feet out from the trunk)

The trunk has what looks like a bush next to it, in pictures you can see 2 different leaves, are they the same tree?

Again, Tales from the pictures exactly what is what. Why lugs can be pruned bad quite severely but just remember you might not get blooms the next year. If the tree hasn't been worked with for a while there could be other seedlings of elm, Maple or Ash growing in it so if the leaves look different on that part, I would take that part out completely if you can. Hope that helps.