How to propagate succulent from leaf cutting

Asked July 29, 2018, 2:20 PM EDT

Hello, I am familiar with propagating succulents from cuttings and leaves, but am not sure how it can be done with a particular crassula that I just bought. I know I can propagate from a cutting, but is there other way (leaf cutting?) to propagate this succulent? The leaves are attached all around the stem and I don't know how to remove it without damaging it. Any information you can share is greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Grace

Linn County Oregon

2 Responses

My research indicates that stacked crassula can be propagated from just a single leaf cutting though rooting will take weeks longer than for a stem cutting. If you have an razor knife with a longish narrow blade you might be able to slice off a single leaf from the stalk. Try to include the part that attaches the leaf to the stalk. Single leaf propagation is better done by patting the leaf onto the starting medium and then cover the container until you see root development, at which time it's okay to water. I hope this helps

Thank you very much for your response. I have tried and and will wait and see how it goes.