Catalpa tree leaves falling off early

Asked July 28, 2018, 1:23 PM EDT

‘This is the second year my catalpa tree is losing its leaves. Part of the tree, leaves are wilting and then drying and falling. A section that lost its leaves got the leaves this year. This year a new section of the tree is losing leaves. What is your recommendation to correct this problem?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Your tree could have one of several possible issues. Only an on-site inspection by an arborist will be able to sort things out. An arborist can do a close inspection and ask you about the history of the tree and the site. Look here to find a certified arborist:

Here are some possibilities:
Verticillium wilt

Sapwood rot (look for shelf fungi on the trunk or main branches)

Armillaria root rot (look for white fungi on trunk)

Abiotic causes, such as nearby construction, drought, winter injury, stem girdling roots, or physical damage (I don't see any protection from mower damage to the trunk).