Raccoons in the garden

Asked July 27, 2018, 8:18 PM EDT

We have lost all our tomatoes to raccoons this. A service came and set out traps but no far - nothing. (all the tomatoes are gone so they may not be interested.) Even if we trap a few, I am sure that others are waiting near by to take their place. We have a 7 foot dear fence - professionally installed. We have two feet of chicken wire around the bottom to keep out the rabbits. We were wondering if there is anything we can do next year to deter the raccoons before the tomatoes are emolished.

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The best you can do to prevent raccoons is to try to exclude them and eliminate food sources. It sounds like you already have a good fencing system. You might also consider adding electric fencing. Frightening techniques (aluminum pie pans, radios playing at night) are temporary control measures that can help. Secure garbage cans so that racoons cannot find food. No repellents are registered for raccoon control.

Contact the Maryland Department of Natural Resources if you need additional options for dealing with raccoons. They provide a toll-free telephone hotline for questions concerning nuisance wildlife. http://dnr.maryland.gov/Wildlife/Pages/plants_wildlife/wildlifeproblems.aspx