Tiny pumpkins

Asked July 27, 2018, 2:50 PM EDT

Our pumpkin vines are healthy with a lot of flowers, but the ping-pong ball-sized pumpkins wither and die. The plants are in the direct sun, and get watered by the sprinkler system (15 minutes) every other day. Maybe not enough water? Thank you.

Lane County Oregon

4 Responses

Thank you for your questions. Pumpkins do need a lot of water, and watering deeply less often is better than lightly less often. How often have you fertilized? Have you checked the plants for insects? Are you able to send pictures of the fruits and the leaves? That would help diagnose the problem. Thanks!

The other thing that would be helpful to know is the variety of pumpkin you planted. There are miniature varieties.

Thanks for your response. I'm sure our variety is full-sized. I don't think we have fertilized them other than what was in the garden soil we planted them in. I'm sure we haven't been watering them as deeply as we should have. No signs of any pests.

Thank you. Sounds like a watering issue then.