accidentally put ant powder poison on pole bean plants

Asked July 27, 2018, 7:30 AM EDT

our pole bean plants were accidentally powdered with a ant killer powder...think the Terro brand, kills up to six months. Are the beans on the plants still edible? It rained the night of the day it was applied. Just don't want to poison anyone.....

Mecosta County Michigan vegetable gardening

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The specific product should tell on the label where it can be used and areas it will state if it is a problems in a garden. If it is not stated on a label it is not registered for that use. Some insecticides can be used in gardens since they are do not go into the plant. I have looked at Terro labels and do not see any mention of using around vegetables. You should call the manufacturer to ask them if there are limitations on use of the specific product you used in a garden beyond what is mentioned on the label. The following numbers were taken from Terro product labels 1-800-1819 or 1-800-264-0870