Autumn Blaze Maple - Bleeding Canker

Asked July 26, 2018, 6:04 PM EDT

I'm told the bleeding canker rising on my 25 year-old ABM is caused by a fungal root rot - unspecified fungus in the soil - that seems to have developed within a year or two. Questions: Should I be concerned about it spreading? Do mature trees become infected at random like this or is there a trend happening? Is removal urgent and is there a reason it couldn't wait until winter? Is there any issue with stacking and burning clean wood (above the lesions)? Thanks.

Dakota County Minnesota

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A photo would be helpful. You could be seeing Eutypella canker or nectria canker. Read here:

But you should have an expert look at your tree to get an accurate diagnosis. Here is a link to find a certified arborist: