Non-invasive flowering fast-growing ground cover for slope?

Asked July 26, 2018, 12:18 PM EDT

Hi! As do many people around the lake area in Western Ky, I have a very steep, poor grade soil banks that are filled with large and small natural rocks close to the surface. In my case, my main issue is a very large area in front of the house that is impossible to mow and dangerous to weed-eat, even with cleats. Weeds grow vicariously on it and look terrible, which destroys the curb appeal to the home. It appears that something like Vinca Minor has tried to establish in a small section, but its only visible after the weeds have been cut down and apparently is not strong enough to choke out the crabgrass and other tough grass & weed clumps that are in place. Tilling first is unlikely because of the presence of rocks, so I'm assuming I'll have to plant some starts where I can reach saveful and then seed as densely as possible between, but perhaps there's a better way? I'm looking for a fast-growing groundcover strong enough to choke out grass and weeds to plant on the slope. Ideally, it would flower also to provide a mass carpet of color at least some of the year. We have beautiful dense woods immediately across the street so we want to be careful not to plant anything invasive. What is my best option in this situation? Thank you so much for your service to our community! Kim Derk

Lyon County Kentucky

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There are several types of ajugas that will take full sun to part shade.If possible, kill off any weeds before planting. Planting into a straw blanket would help to hold the soil until the plants are established.


I am trialing St. John's Wort, the shrubby, low growing Hypericum calcinum. It can be invasive and aggressive in some parts of the country. See You can call me in Eddyville at 270-388-2341 form additional information. Susan Fox