What kind of bird is this?

Asked July 25, 2018, 7:41 PM EDT

Saw this little guy sitting on the sidewalk. After some quick googling I decided the best thing was to leave him alone because the nest was just above him and I believe one of the parents was in it.

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It's hard to tell at this age what it is because the first real feathers are just coming in and it's tough to get a good feel for coloration. If the nest was within reach putting it back into the nest when they are this size is a good idea. (The old tale of getting your scent on the bird and the parents won't accept it back is not right - most bird species don't have that good of a sense of smell). By now it's either found someplace to move to or it has expired so probably nothing we can do about it. If the bird has a few more flight feathers and is showing some good development a lot of times just move it to the nearest tree or shrub for protection.