Bumpy lawn

Asked July 25, 2018, 11:55 AM EDT

I moved into my new home two years ago. Im pretty sure that the lawn wasnt a priority with the previous owner. I have a bit over an acre of tall fescue. I currently rely mainly on mother nature for water so I do have periods of drought. I aerate annually and have maintained regular pest control and fertilizing. The lawn is a bit of work but showing great progress. My question is with regards to bumps in the lawn. I have a 50'' riding mower and feel beat up by the time Im done mowing. The bumps are in the soil (not rocks or pebbles) small and cover the majority of the lawn. I have considered a tow behind roller but Im worried about damaging the grass. Thanks in advance for your help and if you have any questions please feel free to email.


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That is a big area to maintain in turf! The problem with ‘rolling’ is not damage to the grass but damage to the soil by compacting which then damages the growing turf. If rolling seems to be the only option, I would try it on a portion of the turf and see what the results are, if it really does even out the ground or not and also whether or not the grass stays healthy. Another option would be to get a yard of garden soil delivered and begin filling in some of the more major dips. This is not going to be an easy, quick fix with any method. You could also consult with a landscaping business in your area for any ideas they could offer. Perhaps you could consider adding some native shrubs and plants to reduce your grassy area. And I certainly understand your desire to make the mowing process easier on you. Good luck!

Thanks for the response.