Deer deterrant

Asked July 25, 2018, 9:02 AM EDT

I have a small perennial flower garden in my front yard in the metro area near a park reserve, what would you recommend using to stop or deter the deer from eating the flower tops?

Hennepin County Minnesota deer

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Deer are very persistent creatures. Your flower garden probably appears to them as a huge salad bar. One can buy deer repellants, some of which have an egg-base. If you use such a product, get use to a "rotten egg" smell in your garden. Here is a site that describes other tactics:

As a volunteer master gardeners of the University of Minnesota, we cannot
recommend one product over another. The above site is only informational.

These deer repellants are typically expensive and in spite of their claims to the
contrary, are often short-lived in their effectiveness.

Although unsightly, the only truly effective preventative measure is some type of fencing, See the following:

Finally, although I have never tried it, I know of growers who stretch monofilament
line around their gardens. It is invisible but when deer bump into it, it supposedly
scares them off. See:

Good Luck!!