Large, yellow-gold grasshopper

Asked July 24, 2018, 3:43 PM EDT

Today I discovered (along with a new, large infestation of harlequin bugs in my arugula) a very large, yellow-gold colored grasshopper in my garden. I know grasshoppers tend to be destructive, and assume this one is no different. Am I correct, and if so, what is the best way to get rid of it? I tried to get a picture, but the critter was camera-shy.

Prince George's County Maryland grasshoppers vegetable

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We noticed a lot of weeds growing in with the arugula. Grasshoppers like weedy areas. Control summer weeds by cutting them down or handpulling. Eliminate tall grass and weeds from around any plants you wish to protect to make the area less attractive to grasshoppers and make it easier for birds to prey on grasshoppers.
No chemical control is recommended.
Grasshoppers have natural enemies that help control populations. They also do not like warm humid climates. They like it hot and dry. See more information on the attached link


Indeed, there are patches of weeds with the arugula, and this picture shows an area that is weedier than others, presumably hence the grasshopper (as you say). Like most other gardeners in this area, nearly constant rain over days has brought the weeds (and everything else) to great heights and prevented their removal. Your answer also explains why I seldom see grasshoppers around my house.

Thank you so very much.