two stripe chestnut borer

Asked July 24, 2018, 12:40 PM EDT

One of two century old oak trees in our yard has been diagnosed by an arborist at Vineland as having an infection of the above. However, inoculations have not saved the tree and we fear for the other. Question, is two stripe chestnut borer common in our neighborhood, Clarence AVe. SE in Minneapolis, across the street from Tower Hill Park (Prospect Park)? Are inoculations effective? Is there any other thing we can do to save the second tree? Paul and Janet Kellogg

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Unfortunately, to save the un-infested tree, you may need to remove the infested one. Healthy trees will not attract two-lined chestnut borers, so to save the remaining tree, you will need to work to keep the tree healthy. This includes watering during dry spells, avoiding lawn fertilizers and herbicides within the canopy of the tree, not damaging the root system and controlling insects that might be eating the canopy. I'm going to include some links below that have further control methods.

I'm sorry, I have been unable to find data on the presence of this insect specifically in your area. I do know that they have become an increasing problem in oak trees in Minnesota. Fortunately, they are attracted to decaying wood, so if you work to keep your tree healthy, you will reduce the chance of the other tree becoming infested.