Hydrangea not flowering

Asked July 24, 2018, 12:16 PM EDT

I have three endless summer hydrangeas. Two are flowering but the third is not. All three appear healthy. I planted them in the fall of 2016. Last year two flowered and the third didn't but I thought it was maybe due to being recently planted, but this year it is the same thing. Thanks, Maura

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Endless Summer hydrangea are notoriously difficult to get to bloom in Minnesota. They are hardy, meaning they don't die, but they don't flower very well. They need a lot of sun. Full sun in the morning and full to dappled sun afternoons are recommended. Also, it has been reported that they may take up to five years after planting to start blooming. Here is something from the company's web site on their needs:


Hydrangeas need good watering, so make sure to not forget them during dry spells. In general, plants with large leaves are the first to suffer during dry weather. Of course, overwatering can also be an issue. They should be allowed to wilt slightly during the afternoon and should never be waterlogged.

Endless Summer hydrangea blooms on both “old wood” and “new wood”. The former refers to stems that developed during 2017 and “new wood” refers to stems that developed during 2018. If, by chance, you did any pruning earlier this year, you might have removed some of this old wood and consequently reduced the possibility of blooming. However, since your other two hydrangeas are blooming, I don’t think that this is a good possibility.

Therefore, my conclusion is that what you are experiencing is simply the variation that is inherent in Endless Summer. Some plants bloom soon after planting whereas other plants may take much longer to bloom. My suggestion is to be patient. If you do any pruning, do so after all blooming is done this year. Do not fertilize extensively but plan to do so next spring. Water them well in October. This one plant should eventually show blossoms.

Here is another link on growing hydrangeas


Good Luck!!