protecting small juniper in the winter

Asked July 24, 2018, 10:47 AM EDT

I have 3 - 3 ft juniper shrubs in zone 2 (Park Rapids, MN). We've tried other varieties of slender shrubs but the winter has gotten the best of them even with burlap wrapping. I'd like to not repeat the cycle this year and would like to protect these really well in the winter months for a few years while they get established. I was wondering if putting 16" diameter cardboard tubes around them would help best shield the cold dry wind in the winter better than burlap. This isn't a long term solution since they will outgrow this size rather quickly but I wasn't sure how much the trees need to 'breath' etc. I could leave the top open or cover with burlap. Thanks for your thoughts, Grant Ovsak

Becker County Minnesota

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This bulletin includes a comprehensive discussion of ways to protect evergreens from winter burn. Especially note the section titled "How do I avoid problems with winter burn in the future?"

If you decide to use the cardboard tubes, leave the tops open.