Brown spots in lawn

Asked July 24, 2018, 7:46 AM EDT

I have traditionally had a great lawn, but this summer I started getting these brown spots, in the front and back yard, both with very different sun patterns. I fertilize twice a year, full in the fall, and in the spring with pre-emergant. I live in the suburbs of Boone County, and my lawn is approximately 20 years old.

Some additional info(which may be related)- the last few years I've been getting red thread patches in the front yard. The getting yard is shade until lunch, then sunny. Not sure of that's related, but world love to treat that too. From what I can tell, its best treated with nitrogen and sun, and not watering at night, but none of those help. I have a sprinkler system, but have not turned it on this year in case it is fungus. Also noticed this year I have very active moles, so didn't know if I had a bug problem.

Thanks for any advice u have!
Kris Karwisch

Boone County Kentucky

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I would like to take a look at your lawn. The first thing we need to do is get a soil sample.

We are coming up on the best time of the year for you to be working on your lawn.

Please contact me and we will arrange a site visit. David Koester

Hey Dave,
Thanks for the reply. Tonight I ran out to get the soil sample and under one of the Brown spots I saw a bunch of little larvae, as well as some ants, blurry pic attached. Not sure if that is related, the larvae was smarter then a grain of rice.

Want to come out before I get the soil samples resulted, or after? If before, I'm open 8/1 from 10-2, 8/6 from noon to 5, or 8/7 from 8-1. Any of those times work? I live in Hebron.


Hi, Kris
Please contact David at the Extension Office to set up a visit. I have included his contact information below. Thanks!

David Koester

Extension Agent
phone: (859) 586-6101
fax: (859) 586-6107