Bug bite?

Asked July 24, 2018, 1:00 AM EDT

About a week ago I woke up with itchy single bites on my arm, leg,.. ECT. Two days ago I was laying on my couch and my leg got really itchy so I looked at it an I had to bites right next to each other. They are now dark red circles and still itch like crazy but haven't lightened up at all. We don't have any animals in the house so we don't have fleas. And I never go outside much and I never found a tick so it's bot that. I was also under a blanket so I don't know what it could have been. The bites are on my right leg around the knee


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Hello. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we have no way of identifying what could have caused that on your arms/legs. I am attaching a link to an educational website that may help. I would also suggest you seek medical advice from a practitioner.