What are these three plants? They are growing prolifically in my garden.

Asked July 23, 2018, 6:01 PM EDT

I think that the first 2 are weeds and the third is a potato. But I would like more details, if you have it. Thanks!!

Montgomery County Maryland

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The plant in the first photo looks like sweet annie (Artemisia annua). The second plant looks like goldenrod (Solidago sp.). The third one looks like a potato.


Thanks so much!

Can the first be used medicinally, from the garden? If so how? I noticed that these species are found in the nutritional supplement stores in the form of pills or tincture.

And how do I know when to harvest the potatoes?




You're welcome.

You can harvest potatoes any time after they begin flowering if you want small "new" potatoes. If you want larger potatoes with a thicker skin (which will store better), you can wait until after the foliage dies back. You can find more information about potato harvesting on our website.

We do not have medical advisors on staff and do not give advice about medicinal uses of plants. We recommend that you ask your doctor.