Are my potatoes and squash done growing? If yes, what can I plant now?

Asked July 23, 2018, 2:11 PM EDT

In the spring I planted 4 potato plants and 2 squash, They grew very quickly but now they have stopped growing. Is this because they aren't getting enough water (I have them on a drip irrigation system) or they are done growing? If they are done what vegetables can I plant in their place and have a fall, or late fall crop? Thanks!

Yamhill County Oregon

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Please send images that show the veggies in question. Preferred are an images of the plants and their surroundings along with a close view of a typical affected plant (both the potatoes and squash).

Potatoes are typically "done" when the plants collapse. You can test that theory by reaching in under the plant to determine if you can feel any good-sized potatoes. This publication should be helpful: Growing Potatoes in Home Gardens -

Depending upon the kind and condition of the squash plant, it may simply have stalled due to the heat and/or a shortage of water. Here's a publication which may be helpful: Growing Squash in Home Gardens -

Growing Your Own is another helpful publication. (Page 7 has a planting chart for seeds and transplants with suggested dates. You'll need to plant as soon as possible.)
Download the pub from