Please help us solve our disease or pest problem

Asked July 22, 2018, 10:51 PM EDT

Attached are various close ups of three kinds of leaves that were once solid green and they are now flecked with lighter spots. We do not know if this is related to an abundance of tiny cob webbing that does not seem to be caused by spiders. The webbing is not formed in a pattern like a spider web. We have been using neem and safers soap but we have had this problem for years. It seems to be much worse this year and we are afraid of loosing whole bushes. If it is a fungus, we can not find a cure. Please help us.

Baltimore Maryland

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Your first and third photos show the webbing and dotty leaf yellowing called 'stippling' from spider mites, which are tiny, like period dots on a page.
Here is a page about them:
You have to be careful with spraying anything on hot days, which can burn and stress the plants even more.
Keep blasting them as thoroughly as you can with the hose, trying to hit all leaf surfaces to dislodge them.
If you still see activity (try the tap test in the link above) try using Spinosad, being sure to follow all label instructions.

The second photo shows what is pretty typical and common damage from leaf hoppers. Here is a page about them: We wouldn't suggest treating annual plants or large specimens, but perhaps very young trees or shrubs.