Hydroponic gardening in a green house

Asked July 22, 2018, 11:53 AM EDT

I built a small green house to grow vegetables and had a friend tell me I should grow hydroponically. I built the green house because we have elk and deer that like our out side garden and end up eating most of it. I would like to know what I can use for a organic nutrient mixture vs commercial fertilizer? I will be using a Dutch bucket system an a floating bed system.

Lane County Oregon

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Be aware that hydroponics in the Lane 'County area can be very expensive. As you look around, there are not very many hydroponics in the area - due to costs.

You mention two different growing systems - the Dutch bucket AND the floating bed systems. Each is a specific growing system but it sounds like you have combined the two. Be sure to research these growing systems to determine which fits your plan.

If you haven't yet, there is a huge learning curve to growing hydroponically. There is a lot of good information on the web but look for *.edu information.

if you are growing a 'garden" that means various plants in your greenhouse.

Per your fertilizer question, each plant type needs a different type of fertilizer. The plant doesn't care if the fertilizer is organic or conventional- that's your choice. The key is keeping the proper fertilizer, ph and salts in balance. This takes testing the water in the reservoir weekly - minimum. Thus , why hydroponics can be challenging. Types of fertilizers - Miracle Grow, a 3-1-4, a liquid chicken manure; or calcium nitrate. As the literature says, there are 16 elements to growing garden plants

First cover the N -P- K; then look at Magnesium, sulfur; followed by boron, iron, calcium; manganese.

For locating fertilizers- type in Eugene Garden Stores.

Quick search - Grays, Jerry's, Coastal; Wilco in Springfield. Down to Earth; Eugene - OMRI has a list of all certified organic fertilizers.

For larger amounts, go to: Wilco - Springfield; Sure Crop Farm Service - Junction City

Good luck. There are a lot of pieces to keep in place while you learn how to grow plants hydroponically.