cucumber beetles and squash bugs, organic controls

Asked July 22, 2018, 8:28 AM EDT

What organic controls do you recommend for cucumber beetles? I am starting to see adults on the cucumbers, melons, winter and summer squash. I've seen some squash bug eggs and maybe a handful of nymphs, and a couple adult squash bugs on the winter squash. What organic controls do you recommend for that Thank you! April

Ingham County Michigan vegetable gardening

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if you are finding squash bug eggs, and nymphs, I would hand pick any that I found, as adult squash bugs are difficult to kill. Crush any eggs that are attached to the undersides and stems of leaves.Remove and kill nymphs and adults by dropping them into a pail of soapy water. Squash bugs hide under leaves and move quickly when you are trying to catch them. Trap squash bugs by laying out boards or pieces of newspaper. Squash bugs will group under the boards at night, you can then collect and destroy them in the morning. soaps and oils can be directly sprayed on nymphs to kill them. Clean up plant debris during the growing season, to reduce sites where squash bugs can hide, and be thorough about cleaning up garden debris in fall to reduce the number of overwintering sites.

For cucumber beetles, Neem can work- (it acts as an antifeedant, so it acts slowly) or pyrethrin can be used. check this link for more helpful suggestions