What part of this Rose is the rosehips?

Asked July 21, 2018, 8:33 PM EDT

Can you please tell me from the attached photo what part is the rosehip? What does Rose hip look like? What is the green bulb part of the plant in thisbphoto?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Sorry, there was no photo attached.

Rose hips are the fruit of the rose. With the intention of improving flower size, color and fragrance, breeders have largely ignored the fruit, so in modern roses, rose hips are almost nonexistent. However, many old fashioned shrub roses still have prominent hips.

Just like many other fruits, rose hips are initially green and hard, turning red and riper later. Without seeing your photo, my guess would be you are seeing immature rose hips.

Here is a photo showing the location of rose hips: