Asked July 21, 2018, 5:35 PM EDT

I plan to jar and pressure cook moose along with chopped carrots, chopped onions (maybe dehydrated), chopped celery, and chopped potatoes. I would like to have the liquid gelatinous. How can I get it to do so in the process?

Wade Hampton Census Area Alaska

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When you make broth, simmer the moose parts with vegetables and then remove the solids and cool. Include some bone and connective tissues with collagen. Thoroughly cool the broth after a long simmer; a layer of fat will gather on top, followed by a layer of gelatin and finally watery broth. Skim off the fat and use the gelatin layer and watery broth for the broth in the soup being made. This will be canned as for Beef Stew with Vegetables in the 2017 Ball Blue Book.

Thanks to Leslie Shallcross, Tanana District Cooperative Extension Service