Transplanting a Gaylussia baccata

Asked July 21, 2018, 8:24 AM EDT

I need to move a huckleberry/Gaylussia baccata away from a newly installed generator. I know not to do any transplanting in the middle of this drought, but when SHOULD I move it? It is 12''-18" high and was planted a little over a year ago.

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We would wait until the weather cools and moderates in the fall. Mid-September into October. Prepare the hole ahead of time and take as large of a rootball as you can handle to limit the stress from loss of roots. Mulch, only 2-3 inches deep, pulled away from stems/trunk. Keep it watered right up until the ground freezes if we don't get good rain. Keep an eye on it and water when needed, for the first 18-24 mos. of establishment.


Many thanks! Sure hope it gets cooler by mid-September!
I'm slightly confused by "Mulch, only 2-3 inches deep, pulled away from stems/trunk Does the 'pulled away' just mean to keep a mulch-free 'collar' near the stem? Or do you mean something else?
Again, I thank you for your help, I'm so glad that the Extension System makes it so easy for me to get advice.

Yes, you understand that right for the mulch. For many years the landscape industry has made what look like and we refer to as "mulch volcanoes", which are many inches deep rising up to even thicker where it lays against the trunk. We still see it all the time, but now know that it leads to the suffocation of roots, and difficulty of water absorption that makes some roots grow only in the mulch.
This leads to stress and a long, slow death over a long number of years.
Think of it more like a donut.