What is this plant?

Asked July 20, 2018, 10:14 PM EDT

I am baffled about this plant. Thought they were Ironwood saplings as a tree grows nearby. Yesterday (7/19) our 12 week old puppy found the berries hidden under the leaves of this woody plant. Right above ground, the woody stem separated into two branches. One had only leaves on three stems off the main that are identical to our Ironwood tree. Total height about 18”. The other branch, at about 10”, had three 2” stems, each holding berry clusters. Each cluster is ball shaped and has about 17 berries on it. Berries are fragrant. Kept them on the bedroom vanity overnight and I could smell them when I walked over there this morning. Blue-black, round, with a small flare at their tip, but no “belly button” as I call it. If anyone knows what this may be, I would much appreciate your thoughts. I am just past the Crow Wing/Cass border in Outing. Will be happy to submit photos of the surrounding plants if that would help. Thanks!

Cass County Minnesota plant id

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I believe that your plant is wild sarsaparilla. Here is a link to look at and compare. https://www.minnesotawildflowers.info/flower/wild-sarsaparilla . This one shows the leaves better. http://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/woodland/plants/wild_sarsaparilla.htm

That is absolutely it! Thank you!! Had searched many different aspects, but came up with nothing and the wildflower book kind of ignores it. So delighted to know what it is and the poison ivy appearance really fits. I kept watching it and, when it matured, it looked nothing like it and was attractive, so I've left it growing in its favorite spots under the spruce trees. The berries still intrigue me because they seem so fragrant. Get mixed reviews on what I have read. Thanks again, Sherry.
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