Blueberry bush death

Asked July 20, 2018, 8:24 PM EDT

We have a small growth of blueberry bushes all are about 22 years old more or less and have lots of berries this summer but in one shrub in between several others we just noticed sudden yellowing and as we looked into the plant further saw that the branches were all dead and in the photos you can see the root ball was dried up and looked pretty funky it was Next to a rather large cherry tree root which may have encroached on the roots the question is do we need to be concerned this was some kind of fungus and would it in danger of the other bushes we weren’t able to get all the woody root structure out yet

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The first image is reminiscent of a bacterial disease we call crown gall. Not much of a problem unless the plants are wounded. You can read about it here:

The second image is not typical of crown gall but more like a disease we call silver leaf. But that has a distinctive symptoms you can read here:

Beyond that there could be a wide variety of explanations. For now, removal of the plant as best you can without injuring nearby plants is what I would suggest. Keep an eye on the other nearby plants to see if it spreads at all.