Growing rhubarb from seed

Asked July 20, 2018, 2:23 PM EDT

Have ordered rhubarb crowns which will ship in the fall, but was curious when and how to plant rhubarb seed. I saw a pdf at MSU about rhubarb but there must be some sort of glitch because I couldn't access it. Thanks for your help. Barbara Jeffery Au Gres, MI PHOENIX.ELECTRIC@HOTMAIL.COM

Arenac County Michigan

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Barb-I am not sure if the link above is what you were trying to access? I attached a photo of the tip sheet to this, too, in the event you still have trouble accessing it. As for growing from seed, it is not recommended because the seedlings do not retain parent characteristics. Therefore, it is probably best to just wait for your crowns and use those? See this for more info: