Zucchini problems

Asked July 19, 2018, 7:00 PM EDT

Hi, what causes zucchini leaves to become pointy looking? It’s like they are not filling out between the veins. There was some cupping last year when I used these seeds and i figure does it was because I planted in a 5 gallon bucket and there weren’t enough nutrients or something but this year I planted in the soil and I’m still seeing this problem. Or is this normal? A couple of the leaves look a little discolored and I can’t figure out if it’s some kind of mosaic virus because so many issues online seem to have overlapping symptoms. I’ve attached pictures. I also have cucumbers next to them that had a few leaves that were yellow and green as well but the new growth seems ok now.

Oakland County Michigan

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This is a tough question. Factors such as variety, nutrition, environment, and disease can all be suspect. The variety may very well play into this. Some varieties are more prone to exhibit certain problems such as leaf curl. Weather can also play a role. Soil moisture and soil moisture variations can influence growth and nutrient availability. The last picture suggests a nutrient issue. A soil test would be a good place to start. With the exception of the interveinal chlorosis, the plants look fairly healthy. The chlorosis could be a result of excess water or lack of water or a nutrient deficiency. Soil pH can also affect the uptake of certain nutrients.

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Thanks for the response. I did notice that some of the cucumber plants nearby are showing some chlorosis as well... from what I have read, this means a lack of nitrogen... correct? I mixed in lots of compost as well as Jobe’s vegetable and tomorrow fertilizer before planting, then mulched with more compost recently and added more of the fertilizer.... I also have been using fish emulsion. The two tomato plants and the 4 pepper plants nearby all seem to be doing exceptionally well. Even most of the cucumber plants are doing really well besides the chlorosis. Is the leaf not filling out between the points, considered “leaf curl”? I wasn’t aware of that. I figured something was wrong due to the fact that every zucchini plant I’ve ever seen has had broad leave like giant cucumber leaves. Unless some varieties have lobed leaves. The seed packet said “black beauty.

Also, the new leaves seem to be thick and misshaped. We did have some really really hot weather recently which could have stressed the plants but like I said, everything else nearby seems to be doing well. I did also spray with neem oil and soap mixture but at nightfall lik you’re supposed to.

In answer to your first question, interveinal chlorosis (yellowing between the veins) can be caused by iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, wet conditions, soil pH et al. Here’s a link that can give you a little insight in to this: nutrient deficiencies . Nutrient toxicity (too much N) can also happen. Also, different species and varieties (your cucumber and peppers) may react differently to the soil conditions. (The mention of leaf curling (thinking tomatoes) wasn’t the best way to describe how different varieties can react differently to the same conditions. Nothing to do with leaf shape) There does seem to be some general yellowing which may be nitrogen deficiency but remember that too much nitrogen will give you lots of leaves and not much fruit. Overwatering could also cause this.

Your new pictures do show some leaf damage which appears to be insect related. Keep an eye out for leaf eating beetles and caterpillar.

As far as leaf shape…, zucchini leaves can be deeply lobed. Leaf shape can vary even on the same plant. I believe “Black beauty” has both lobed and unlobed.

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Thanks for all the info! That helps explain a lot. I’ve most likely been watering too much in an attempt to keep the plants from being stressed during all the hot weather. I didn’t know that could also cause these symptoms.

Thanks again for all all the help!