Should I get a rabbit again?

Asked July 19, 2018, 6:49 PM EDT

My older brother bought me a five dollar rabbit from the fair when I wasn't feeling well. He carried it in a half broken box and by the look on it's face when it came to me it was probably traumatized. Despite that I tried for months to befriend it. Read every article about traumatized rabbits made it feel safe as best I could fed it only the approved foods and generally cared for it the best I could. I never picked her up because she didn't seem to like the few times I did and I would gently corral it with a blanket back into the cage when I did let it out for exercise. I did everything I possibly could to take care of her but she still found a reason to bite, scratch, and chew me and my stuff. Not to mention her aggressively thumping loudly under my bed and in her cage at night. I didn't know what to do with her honestly I read so many online rabbit articals to figure out what she needed but whatever they said it seemed like I was already doing. Enrichment toys, timothy hay, her own bunny house she could be alone in but she still hated me and refused to let me pet any part of her. After like ten months of this I was really starting to loose hope of us every becoming friends and constantly felt like she was unhappy living with me. So I gave her away to an animal rescue that seemingly had dealt with rabbits before. I hoped they could give her what I simply could not. Now and again I think of her and wonder if I should try again. I never owned a rabbit before her and I see so many people who are best friends with theirs. I don't know if rabbits require even more careful care or if I was doing it wrong or if I just don't know enough to own one. I don't know what rabbits are suppose to be like normally so I don't know. Should I just cut my loses and come to terms with the fact that I may not be good with rabbits or should I try again and possibly be still not be good with rabbits. Can you just be generally bad at taking care of certain animals?


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Rabbits have vastly different temperaments depending on breed and how they are raised. A "$5 fair rabbit" may not have been handled or socialized much before you got it. Rabbits do make good pets, but require some time and attention. If you are ready to commit to one (they can live 10 years), you should look for one that was regularly handled and bred as a pet rabbit or look at your local shelter. Rabbits do take time to bond with new owners so be quiet, slow moving and gentle. Regularly handle for small amounts of time to get them accustomed to it.

it certainly sounds like you did the best you could for the rabbit you had and it may be worthwhile to try again if this is a pet you are interested in having.