Trying figure out what this weed is

Asked July 19, 2018, 6:40 PM EDT

I have some weeds growing in my soybeans again this year. I have sprayed roundup twice and it is still growing .

Cecil County Maryland

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The plant with the largest leaves in the first 2 photos looks like jimsonweed (Datura stramonium). It is poisonous if ingested. The flowers are funnel shaped and can be white to light purple. It is in the nightshade family along with tomatoes, potatoes, and many other edible plants.

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The third photo has a few different plants in it. The one with the largest leaves appears to be pigweed. It is very common in agricultural fields.

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For both of these weeds, it is important to remove them before flowers and seeds form, if possible. The jimsonweed appears to have recognized the Roundup judging by the yellow leaves. You may need to repeat the application and maybe add a sticker-spreader to help it stick to the glossy foliage. If you don't have many of these weeds, manual removal would be advised to avoid damaging your soybeans.