cow hoof trimming

Asked July 19, 2018, 2:36 PM EDT

I am out in the Jewell area and having difficulty in feeding anyone to trim my small (12) herd of cows feet. 3 are in need their feet trimmed badly. I have tried to get the cow foot trimmer out of tillamook several times, with no success (does not return calls and misses schedule appointments. if neen, I can haul my cows to them, if that helps. any help of suggestion is greatly appreciated? thank you mark

Clatsop County Oregon

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Hoof trimmers are not easy to find as you have experienced. I can ask around and get a list of a few that you can call. I have been in Chile so I am sorry for the delay in my response. My number is 503-842-3433. What number should I call you at?


Troy Downing