Weed or grass

Asked July 18, 2018, 9:15 PM EDT

The attached picture is of our lawn, it has been invaded by this "grass/ weed". It is all through our lawn and in flower beds. We have gone from a nice free normal grass last year to this questionable grass. What is it and how do we get rid of it? We have a lawn cutting service and are wondering if this might have been brought in on the mowers. Thanks Sharon Stein

Chisago County Minnesota

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The broad-leafed grass in the photos is probably crabgrass. Go to the following website to learn about this grassy weed and how to control it. Although the information was prepared for Illinois residents, most of it is also applicable to Minnesota.

If this is the first year this grassy weed has been apparent in your lawn, the seeds must have come from elsewhere. This excerpt from a Utah State University publication addresses the question:

"Weeds can be spread by mechanical equipment. Clean tillers, mowers and aerators before using them on lawns or in gardens to prevent spreading weeds to uninfested soil."