Lawn Grubs

Asked July 18, 2018, 7:28 PM EDT

We discovered a large infestation of grub worms - as noted by the dead patches of lawn t/o the entire front lawn, and actually finding grubs under he turf. What is your recommendation on the proper and successful method to eradicate them? Thank you. Sharon ------ and a "hello" to Julie W. I enjoy her Sat am hour on WCCO.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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As you know from the show, our website is undergoing an major facelft and content is being updated and uploaded. So here are recommendations for dealing with grubs from our colleagues at Iowa State University:

This is about the right time to treat for grubs and there are various products available at a garden center or home store. Be sure to follow the label instructions including application rate and frequency, protective gear and safe storage of unused product.

You'll have to re-seed the area after treatment (this is likely mentioned on the product package). Fall is an excellent time to re-seed. You can also wait until November or so and dormant seed.