What is this bug?

Asked July 18, 2018, 12:15 PM EDT

I seem to have an infestation of this small, gray beetle, mostly in my basement. I’ve vacuumed up 2-3 dozen per day since returning from vacation on Sunday. It seems rather harmless, but I still don’t want it in my house! Can you help me identify it? I live in a rural area of western Hennepin County. I have seen them outside recently too. Thank you!

Hennepin County Minnesota

1 Response

It looks like some sort of weevil. It could have come from a grain product in your house or from outside. Check grain products for signs including pet food. Keep vacuuming them up and you should be able to get rid of them. If you find any products with them get rid of them and clean off the shelves. Here is a link to more info. https://extension.umn.edu/household-insects/pantry-pests-insects-found-stored-food