Pressure cooker failed to work; can I save my jarred salmon & start over?

Asked July 18, 2018, 11:25 AM EDT

I started to pressure cook 12 jarred salmon. It started the cooking process but failed to gain pressure so I turned the heat off; took the jars out & waited for them to cool enough. I have them in my refrigerator. Is it safe to re-cook them once I have a new seal for my pressure cooker? I hated to have to do something else with all that good fish.

Anchorage Alaska

3 Responses

Yes, you may reprocess the jarred salmon within 24 hours from taking the jars out of the canner. Follow the same processing steps and timing. Canning the Fish Catch

Do I need to place new lids on the jars or are the original ones ok?

It is best to remove the lids, clean the jar edges and put a new lid on before processing.