Lawn damage from possible grubs

Asked July 18, 2018, 8:11 AM EDT

Our lawn is irrigated (underground sprinkling) and we always "mow high," but we now have patches of dead grass. Thinking it might be grubs so read your 04/13/18 tip sheet by Terry Davis. Thinking this would not be the time of year to see the grubs when peeling back the sod. Is there a way now to actually confirm if it IS grub damage and is there something we should do now (mid-July) for grubs?

Kent County Michigan

1 Response

I suspect you may have a fungal/disease issue if you are seeing dead patches at this time of year. How about looking at the website to see if any of your dead patches resemble the problems you are having. It is an easy to use website. If you have further questions after looking that over please let me know. Thank you.