Blue Siskiyou grass

Asked July 17, 2018, 5:56 PM EDT

We planted 6 1 gallon size plants last year. They did fine and most are doing well this year. A couple of the plants appear to be dry but the soil is moist. They receive 3 quarts of water every 2 days during summer and less spring and fall. Is it possible they would go "summer dormant"? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Douglas County Colorado

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We are not sure how your grasses were planted but we found some information on line that could prove helpful. Also, a moisture meter could provide
the best information reqarding how much moisture your plants are getting. Place the meter probe 3-4 inches down into the soil at the base of the plant.
Below is some additional information we found.

Caring for blue fescue ornamental grass isn’t difficult. Blue fescue grass needs average moisture, and will require supplemental water in summer. The plant may die back if the soils are too heavy and full of clay, so amend the area prior to planting with plenty of compost. Blue fescue plants do not need fertilization as long as an organic mulch is used around the base of the grass. Keep the foliage looking its best by hand combing out the dead blades of grass and removing the flower heads. Remove the flower heads to help promote the tight mound shape of the plant. If you choose to leave the flowers, be aware the plant may produce some seedlings. Blue Fescue Growing Tips Older blue fescue plants tend to die out a bit in the center. One of the useful blue fescue growing tips is division. The dying plant simply needs to be dug up and cut in half. The center part will pull out by hand, leaving you with two plants full of healthy foliage. Division can be done every three to five years or as the plant begins to slow blade production in the center.

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