Do I need to lower the PH in my soil

Asked July 17, 2018, 1:18 PM EDT

Greetings; I own a piece of property adjacent to the Big Horn River in Thermopolis. I have been having problems with the leaves on my trees and shrubs turning yellow. I was told that I was watering to often. for the past three years I only water once a week for a couple of hours. The leaves are still turning yellow and my old growth apple trees are dying. We've lost three so far. I have added chelated and pelletized iron every year. I have even injected liquid iron into the soil to no avail. I read that my soil PH is to high and will not let the soil release the iron. My soil is river bottom soil, some broken clay mixed with small amounts of sand. I water with river water. I have heard that Aluminum Sulphate might let the soil release the iron? The trees and shrubs are all surrounded by lawn which would make for tilling in peat moss or any other organic materials unfeasible. The trees have been diagnosed with chlorosis (SP? lack of chlorophyll). What would suggest that I do?

Hot Springs County Wyoming

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Can you send me the address of this place and I'll come look. You can call here at the extension office in Thermopolis at 864-3421