Asked July 17, 2018, 11:05 AM EDT

We have an acre and half. I am now seeing crabgrass alone with dandelions. When is the best time to spray for them, do recommend a product? Thanks

Sherburne County Minnesota

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Crabgrass is an annual weed, so should be treated with a preemergent product in late fall or early spring. Products that are designed for established plants are not that effective and pretty toxic. If you have an acre and a half of just weeds, you may want to consider having a landscaping company out to advise, that's a lot of space to treat with preemergent.

I've included a link below that lists specific products that can be used as a preemergent. Please note: all pesticides should be used according to the directions on the packaging.

Maybe I have incorrectly id'd the grass
My lawn seems to be very healthy, it is about 14 years old, I have a sprinkler system
I have enclosed pictures, may be this will help id the light green grass that seems to be spreading in my yard.
Thanks for your help

I can't really tell from the photos what you have growing. If you look at the grass up close does it have kind of hard edges and grow faster than the surrounding grass?

The grass is soft and does grow more than the surrounding grass

Since you indicated that the plant is soft, I don't think it's a sedge (which is why I asked about hard edges), so it's probably a grass. The tricky thing will be whether what's growing is an annual or a perennial. Annuals need to be treated with a pre-emergent herbicide and perennials will need a post emergent. I'm going to include a link below to a list of common lawn weeds. Please compare to what you have in your lawn. Be aware that if you're treating with a post emergent it will kill the grass you want to keep and you will need to reseed or resod.