Planting of Strawberries - Timing

Asked July 17, 2018, 8:22 AM EDT

I wish to plant a couple of 20' rows of June-bearing strawberries (i.e., Cavendish). If I plant this fall (2018) would I be able to harvest any fruit the following June (2019)? If I will not get fruit until June 2020 when planting this fall, then I might as well wait until Spring 2019 to start the rows. Advice? Tks

Cecil County Maryland

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Cavendish is a good choice.
We suggest an experiment- and plant at both times. Half in fall and half in spring.
Though we generally suggest spring planting, we do suggest you pinch out flowers so that energy goes into root establishment, and your fruit enjoyment is delayed a year.

That said, with good care, you can plant in late September/early October so roots get a start, and then use a floating row cover to offer some protection for the winter.
You will need to remove the cover in time for pollinators to visit in spring to get fruit set and fruits that you can harvest.