weeping cherry is not weeping!

Asked July 16, 2018, 6:56 PM EDT

I had a weeping cherry tree planted last year and it did not do well, but this spring, it looked better. The problem is that now the branches are growing upright instead of weeping or growing downward. Any help you can offer would be appreciated!

Middlesex County New Jersey

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I am sorry to hear of your problems with your weeping cherry. Weeping cherries are usually three plants, a root stalk grafted to a vertical stem, and the weeping section grafted to the top of the stem. The upright stems you are observing may be water sprouts from the vertical stem, or young branches from the weeping grafted part. These weeping stems usually start out vertically and then bend over as they mature. In your case the weeping graft may not have survived. The major tool you will need is patience.

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