White Pine - Insect Damage?

Asked July 16, 2018, 1:04 PM EDT

Three photos attached show a White Pine on my property which, while otherwise healthy-looking, had two branches which suddenly went brown recently. I pruned away the browned branches and took a close-up photo of one of these damaged branches to show it was severely perforated. I'm guessing this is due to insect damage. Can you identify what was the causative agent and recommend a remedy to aid the tree's recovery? Thanks for any suggestions and advice.

Montgomery County Maryland

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We viewed the photos. It looks there are multiple branches that are damaged and there may be multiple insects involved. The middle photo shows shredded frass and that indicates a long horned beetle. This is a secondary pest. They come in when the tree is stressed. Stress can be for several reasons such as poor planting techniques, planting too deeply, poor drainage, drought, poor soils, etc. Here is our publication on these types of problems http://extension.umd.edu/sites/extension.umd.edu/files/_docs/programs/hgic/HGIC_Pubs/TreesandShrubs/...

The tree is still young. We recommend that you replace the tree. If the other pine trees are stressed, the insects can infest the other pines.
Here is our publication on white pines as well as the planting process and after care